Athletic Performance

Tomorrow’s ELITE athletes are made today.  Body Mechanics is your vehicle to greatness.  


The lift weights to get strong, run to get fast days are over.


“At Body Mechanics, we attain COMPLETE athletic performance. We utilize movements and exercises that improve ALL of the qualities that an elite athlete needs, not just the ability to move heavy weight in a straight line or run any certain distance.”

– Dr. Bryan Klaus

 Our comprehensive programs address the following to manifest an athlete’s full potential:

  • speed
  • quickness
  • agility
  • power
  • explosiveness
  • balance
  • stabilization
  • core strength (not simply abs)
  • coordinationreaction time
  • flexibility
  • endurance
  • cardiovascular capacity
  • nutrition
  • body composition
  • specificity
  • periodization
  • and long-term athletic development

 Exercise science and injury prevention have made major leaps forward at the medical research level in the last 5 years. Overseen by a Doctor, Body Mechanics’ athletic performance department can instruct you on the cutting edge techniques that have been proven to be the best by current, double blind, peer reviewed, published, university studies.


Achieve YOUR full potential. Call 412-357-2640 today to schedule your FREE evaluation.




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Achieve YOUR full potential. Call 412-357-2640 today to schedule your FREE evaluation.





How is Body Mechanics different from the conditioning done at the team’s practices?

Team practices are generalized to suit everyone involved.  Body Mechanics plans are individualized to help each athlete in ways specific to their sport, their position, and their unique athletic needs.

 How is Body Mechanics different from other sports performance camps or trainers?

First, workouts at Body Mechanics are Doctor guided.  This ensures that each exercise has a scientific purpose based on research, and that injury prevention is constantly considered.  Additionally, Body Mechanics’ programs are far more complete than any single speed and agility class or powerlifting club alone.

 What sports can benefit from workouts at Body Mechanics?

Every sport.

What is the youngest age that can work out at Body Mechanics?

6 years old depending on maturity.

How is working out at Body Mechanics a form of injury prevention?

Of course injuries can happen in sports no matter how thoroughly you prepare; however, a complete athlete that Body Mechanics has trained (in proper movement and in all the possible components of athleticism) is far less likely to be injured than an incomplete athlete who is lacking development.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?

Body Mechanics offers such a variety of programs and payment options that it would be impossible to explain each here.  To put your mind at ease, there is a plan to fit every budget.


Achieve YOUR full potential. Call 412-357-2640 today to schedule your FREE evaluation.

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