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Where science and engineering meets human performance and function

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111 Whitehead Lane
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Monroeville, PA 15146

Welcome to Body Mechanics

Body Mechanics: (1) Proper movement patterns of the human body. (2) A group of elite professionals located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who are highly skilled at repairing the function of the human body.

       You’ve heard the story before – someone sees a need, fills it, and their business skyrockets. This time it happened in our own back yard and we get to benefit from it. Dr. Bryan Klaus felt that there was no convenient one-stop-shop in Pittsburgh for the health and fitness market, so he created Body Mechanics. When asked what started this all he said, “I’ve been a chiropractor for 14 years now, and patients have always talked about where they were going after their appointment. Be it the gym, PT, a weight loss clinic, or to the salon for a massage, I didn’t see why they couldn’t just go to one super-clinic for all of them. I’ve seen these super-clinics boom wherever they open, so I decided to open one and it was one of the best decisions of my life.”

     Doctor Klaus continued, “It just makes sense to have something for everyone. Why not offer mom a massage while dad gets his low back treated and junior learns to run faster and jump higher for football season in the gym? Grandma is welcome to rehab her knee replacement down the hall at the same time as well. Its all too logical with today’s busy lifestyles.”

     Moreover, he doesn’t think today’s standards are high enough at most facilities. “The worst thing that I thought I could create with Body Mechanics is a jack of all trades and master of none scenario – one where everyone gets watered down services just so we could squeeze them all in. I’ve worked at those ”assembly line” practices and they turn me off. At Body Mechanics, everyone has their time slot in the schedule and they have our undivided attention during that time. We aim to offer the best of each single service as well as the best overall experience. There’s a reason that I’ve been one of the few chiropractors in Pittsburgh to get regular referrals from MDs. They know that I will never offer any mystical or bizarre chiropractic treatments, tye dye and wind chimes massage, cookie cutter recipe PT, or simple bench-squat-treadmill personal training in my clinic. Instead patients and clients at Body Mechanics are treated to an elite level standard that hasn’t been seen in Pittsburgh yet.”

     All in all, Dr. Klaus seems to have the formula down. When asked if there was one point that he would like to get across he said, “Its that we really do have something for everyone at Body Mechanics. We actually have the best of everything for everyone. In total, we offer medically based chiropractic care, cutting edge physical rehabilitation techniques, metabolic weight loss – which is exercise based rather than shortcut based, our diet and nutrition programs are used at the Olympic level, we have the best licensed massage therapists I’ve ever met, and we have functional sports performance training rather than an ineffective bench-squat-run gym. We have just started a yoga program, and once our other fitness classes like boot camps, Pilates, beachbody, etc., start soon, there will be literally nothing more that we  could offer to help our community feel or function better.”

Our patients are of every age and ability. They’re our best proof that a pain free life, looking and feeling great, and even elite levels of athleticism are attainable at Body Mechanics. We invite you to call us at (412) 357-2640 to schedule a free consultation today.  No referral is ever necessary to be seen at our office.

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